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The Port of Monroe was established in 1932 pursuant to the Port District Act, Public Act 234 of 1925, after a general vote of the Monroe Electorate.

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On May 9, 1932, through a resolution, the City Commission accepted title to lands south of the proposed Government Canal (River Raisin). Land was held by the Monroe Industrial Commission until the Port was formally incorporated. This resolution also contained a provision that the jurisdictional limits of the Port of Monroe would be the municipal limits of the City of Monroe.

On May 12, 1932, the City Commission held a successful Special Election on the incorporation of the Port of Monroe. Lands of the Monroe Industrial Commission were transferred to the Port of Monroe, and the US Government authorized appropriations to dredge the River Raisin and the turning basin.

The Port of Monroe was constructed in the late 1930’s and the early 1940’s under a Public Works Administration grant and bonds backed by the Port Commission and Monroe industry.

Mission Statement

To provide a functional industrial and economic base to the Community of Monroe and the State of Michigan by developing and encouraging development within the established boundaries of the Port of Monroe pursuant to sound policies protecting the environment and the health and welfare of the Community.



  • To develop industry on Port property which has or may have the need for waterborne and railroad transportation;
  • To develop industry on Port property which operates with sound environmental and public health practices base upon reasoned scientific knowledge and recognized legal principles;
  • To create economic based jobs for the City of Monroe; and
  • To increase the tax base for the City of Monroe and other applicable taxing jurisdictions, including the Monroe Public Schools, Monroe County Community College, Monroe County Intermediate School District, and County of Monroe.


Port Director

Paul C. LaMarre III, is the Director of the Port of Monroe, MI and is responsible for the oversight of Michigan’s only Seaport on Lake Erie, two industrial parks, and a municipal airport.

He assumed his position in July 2012, becoming the youngest Port Director on the Great Lakes, after serving as the Manager of Maritime Affairs for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority since 2007. During his tenure in Toledo, Mr. LaMarre was responsible for maritime operations throughout the port, oversight of the Toledo Shipyard, and operation of the S.S. Col James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship, for which he still serves as Executive Director.  Prior to that, he served as a deck officer on multiple Great Lakes towing vessels. 

A graduate of the California Maritime Academy, Mr. LaMarre holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Transportation with minors in logistics and naval science, as well as his USCG License 3rd Mates License for unlimited tonnage vessels. He has also served as pilot in the United States Navy, having logged the majority of his flight hours in the F/A-18 Hornet.

Mr. LaMarre is an Officer of the International Shipmasters’ Association, a board member of the Marine Historical Society of Detroit, Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping Online Inc., the Maritime Academy of Toledo, and the Great Lakes Maritime Academy.

He is also the youngest person ever to receive the Association of Great Lakes Maritime History’s Annual Award for Historic Preservation for his work aboard the Schoonmaker Museum Ship.  The vessel will soon be the centerpiece of the National Museum of the Great Lakes which he also conceptualized and developed with the Great Lakes Historical Society.

He and his wife Rebecca reside in Milan, Michigan.


Monroe Port Commission and Staff


  • Thomas A. Krzyston, Chairman
  • Dale H. Brose, Vice Chairman
  • Kenyon Calender, Secretary
  • Lisa Leachman, Commissioner
  • Thomas Myers, Commissioner


  • Scott Davidson, Custer Airport Manager
  • John J. Emig, Jr., P.E. Johnson & Anderson Inc.,
  • Thomas P. Russow, Legal Counsel, PLLC

City of Monroe

Monroe City Council

  • Robert E. Clark, Mayor
  • Brian P. Beneteau, Councilman
  • Christopher M. Bica, Councilman
  • Jeffrey A. Hensley, Councilman
  • James R. Kansier, Councilman
  • Jerry McKart, Councilman
  • Jeremy J. Molenda, Councilman


City of Monroe Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board

  • Thomas A. Krzyston, Chairman
  • Mark Laboe, Vice Chairman
  • Mayor Robert E. Clark, Member
  • Dale H. Brose, Member
  • Don Lieto, Member
  • Paul J. Livernois, Member
  • Rodney Welliver, Member